Kitchen & Bahthroom

We are here to make your kitchen, which is one of the parts of your house where you spend the most time, enjoyable and liveable. We design our most beautiful bathroom decorations with luxurious designs in a way that will give you the best comfort feeling in your bathroom. The first purpose of the designs in the bathrooms, is to create a separate relaxation environment with the feeling of comfort and the colors and accessories used.

If you only want to have a special furniture for you; we design furniture special for you.

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Workshop & Office

What makes you special in your office is the design and selected furniture. Be prepared for your office to impress your guests.

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Architectural design and application

We build your living spaces with aesthetics and creativity by considering economic and technical possibilities. We realize the most suitable design and application for the places you want to see in your own cultural, functional, technical and different gustos. We capture your concept by exploring your world in all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Building Project & Application

We realize the best project and application for you with our services and solutions and aim to create world-wide differences in our works. We continue to serve as an idealistic team with the projects that will make you happy and the applications appropriate to the requirements of our age.

Architectural Consulting

With our architectural consultancy service, we make interior designs considering your advantages and offer economical solutions. In your architectural projects; designing, projecting, material selection, application and control stages, all kinds of interior, exterior and many other areas such as architectural consultancy services are successfully made by our company.

Turnkey Applications

In one application, 40 different team works are carried out from foundation to roof. Cost and time loss is minimized if all the basic elements of a decoration are made together. If more than one renovation and decoration work is going to be done in your places, we recommend that you get turnkey application service.


We offer aesthetic, economical and useful solutions with our individual projects. We scale the place to the finest details and project the designs in 3D. We combine different and modern designs with technology and present you.

Interior Design and Applications

We realize everything you dream of in appropriate technical and economic dimensions. We provide a wide range of services from home, office and all other living areas to the design and implementation of the changes you want.

3D Modeling and Animation

We have the privilege of visual presentation by modeling the designs that are special for you in 3D. 3D modeling and presentation of projects in a short time is gaining importance for our company. We are looking forward to presenting your projects in the most real form before the implementation stage and to see your appreciation.

Our Other Application Areas

Coordinating the team work in your projects by a single authorized company minimizes waste of time and cost. If all the studies are carried out together, the interconnected applications will be more reliable when managed by a single institution. We perform all of the applications listed below and do the best for you.   • Aluminum and Iron Joinery • PVC Window and Door…

The works undertaken by Kozawood Furniture Decoration Co. start with the analysis, research, sketch, study and design of the project or concept and all the details are solved to the finest detail. The purpose of these services; not only to create an original architecture, but also to develop intelligent production methods and detail solutions with the right material selection to optimize the investment of the employer.   Kozawood Furniture Decoration Co. gives service starting from concept, projects, design and presentation of housing, office, cafe, restaurant,…


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